Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What We Love About Nature

This poor blog has been neglected since I've been AFK. I don't really have time to write anything, just wanted to share a video from the Nature Conservancy introducing their new and improved website It highlights conservation efforts, ways you can get involved, and offers tips. Their primary focus is on nature itself, the beauty of it, the scope of it, and those things we love most about it. It's about people being out in nature, interacting with it and being a part of it.

A few words about that: studies have shown that children with ADHD show fewer symptoms when they get out into nature. It makes sense really. As much as we have tried in the last 150 years or so to remove ourselves from nature, to conquer it whilst remaining safely indoors, the rest of history was much different. We evolved along with every other living thing on this planet, both animal and vegetable. It's no surprise then that we are at our healthiest when we remain within the embrace of what nature provides and allows.

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