Monday, February 21, 2011

Reusable Shopping Bags are Taking Over! house, that is!

I have maybe 40 reusable shopping bags. I go to the store, feel guilty about forgetting my shopping bags, offer up an apology to the clerk, and either use a plastic bag (which I re-purpose for garbage and recycling), use a paper bag (which I save for the composting browns), or I buy a new reusable shopping bag.

At a food co-op I belong to, I've been eying these little duffel bags that come in their own pouch. During one of my recent trips to buy groceries there, naturally not having my other bags with me, I bought one.

Pardon the mess. In the process of moving.

After I got home and put away my groceries, I folded it back into its little pouch, figuring how awesome it was that it could actually fit in my purse. That's when I noticed the clip. Perfect! I normally clip my keys to the outside of my purse. The addition of a little bag wouldn't be a problem, and this way I would always have a bag with me for spontaneous (and not so spontaneous) trips to the grocery.

Also, the size is perfect for the size of my grocery trips: small and frequent. This keeps food from rotting in the fridge and allows the chef to change her (or his!) mind about the menu every few days. Plus, fresh food takes up much less space than processed food, mostly because of the packaging.

So, if you are like me and can never remember to put the reusables next to the door or back in the car or near the bike for the next trip to the market, get yourself one of these. They can be found at They are made from recycled materials and can be recycled by contacting the company.

To read about their mission, click here.

For reasons to use reusable bags, click here.


  1. I have one of those I bought from NS/Search and I ill forget it. Nice bag though. My little grip is that so many "reusable" bags are being mass produced. They are not compostable and they do not breat down easily and not all of them are made from recycled material. See where I am going with this?

  2. Yep, sure do! As with everything else, organic food, green products, etc., smart choices still have to be made. Just because a product is said to be good for the earth doesn't mean it is, or is as good as it could be.

    *looking at bag sitting on my desk, leftover from its photo shoot*
    Going to go clip my bag back onto my purse so I don't forget it lol

  3. Look for some new creations from Rach in the coming days. She's got her mind set on making resuable shopping bags, lunch bags and produce/grain bags :)

    We do have a store downtown called Park and Vine which sells a pretty great variety of eco-friendly, mostly local items. The bags you linked are one of them.

  4. Very cool :) Any clips on them? :) The clip has really helped me to remember to bring it. In fact, I've even brought it for non-grocery items. The clerk said, "Trick or treat?"... I think I'm the only person in the history of that store (a mini mart) to use anything other than plastic lol. But the clip really has helped! And, if I don't feel like taking my purse in, I just clip it to my belt loop.