Friday, January 21, 2011

Like We Need Another Treehuggin' Blog, Right?

Well, I do. The kind I need is the kind I think others need too: something positive, about action and solutions. About what an individual can do to make a positive difference.

I easily succumb to negative emotions. It's hard not too, with all the doom and gloom on the news and on sites like HuffGreen and Treehugger. While I think that the information coming from them is essential as a starting point, there comes a time when one must acknowledge the truth of things and then move forward. Focusing only on the melting icecaps, the strange mass animal deaths, the House aiming its big guns at the Clean Air Act, etc., can lead to a feeling that the individual can't do anything about the problems we face.

I have two things to say about that.

One: a friend of mine told me that she views a problem she is facing as a new journey in her life. She didn't "book this trip," (love that!) but she's on it and will make the best of it, like an adventure. I was stunned by this, not only because I think it is a very healthy and powerful attitude in the face of adversity, but because I've had those exact same thoughts concerning global climate change and the depletion of our resources (oil especially). I've often thought in recent months that this is a new adventure, a part of human history that we all are living in. What am I going to do with my little piece of history in the making? Sit around feeling sorry for myself, for us, for my children? Feel defeated by powers greater than myself, least of which are the "Big Men"--politicians and CEOs--who take what they want without regard to others? Or make positive changes in the way I live my life, possibly enriching it to the point that my children will have a future worth looking forward to?

Two: the "Big Men" have been screwing little men since there were "Big Men" and little men. The problem is and always has been when the little man continues to obligingly bend over. Only when the little man stands up straight and shows some courage does he win. In today's age of information, there's no excuse for us to be bending over. Knowledge is power, but only if we use it.

And so, although there will occasionally be a dose of reality on this blog, a reminder why we should stop bending over and start standing up straight, I want the focus to be on what it is we can do in facing the unique problems of our piece in human history. I want to chronicle and share my journey in learning to be a better human being rather than a consumer. And, I want to hear suggestions from anyone who feels like sharing them... hints and tips on conservation, thoughts and hopes and questions. Even if only one person reads this blog, I need to do this as a reminder that action from knowledge is power.


  1. Well, I promise at least one person will read whatever you write :)
    As for positive suggestions, they shall be forthcoming as the year progresses. I look forward to reading about yours.

  2. Thanks Nick! :) Looking forward to your ideas too!